Translating Translation Words for Gateway Languages Using BTT Writer

NOTE: These instructions assume that the Bible ULB Words project has been set up.


The white square or rectangle boxes are known as cards. Each of the cards in a row contains the information pertaining to the same word or phrase.


1st column – This is the English translationWord.

2nd column – This is the working column.

HINT: You might want to move the rows of cards so that the row being worked on is placed at the top of the window.

Formatting the Translation Words:

The title of the word or phrase is to be translated above the thin red line.

The explanation of the word is translated on the lines under the thin red line.

To insert a bullet (the dot at the beginning of a line):

  1. Hold down the shift key and press the 8 key (type an asterisk).
  2. Type in a space.
  3. Type in the translation.

The title of ‘Translation Suggestions:’ (only on some of the Translation Words)

  1. Start the line with a hashtag (#) by holding down the shift key and pressing the 3 key.
  2. Type in a space.
  3. Translate the title of “Translation Suggestions”.
  4. Press the Enter key twice to insert a blank line between the title and the content.
  5. Type in the translation of the content.

If there is a parenthesis, copy and paste the entire parenthesis at the end of the translation on the card. Copy: the parenthesis “(“, words as they are between the parenthesis, and the last parenthesis “)”. (See: words)

  • You may translate only the word ‘see’ that is inside the parenthesis.
  • Leave all the other words or characters in English.

HINT: Sometimes you may want to know how a word is translated in the Bible of your language. There is a PDF that has a list of references where each translation word is used. Here is the link to the PDF -